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Hilary O'Reilly

Hilary O'Reilly offers pregnancy reflexology and pregnancy acupuncture at Snowdonia Natural Health Clinic in Llanrug, Gwynedd, North Wales. For pregnancy massage please contact Cheymoon O'Reilly at Aromatherapy Massage Llanberis.


Pregnancy reflexology can be very beneficial in the last four weeks of pregnancy to help relax and prepare for the birth. Many patients have reported an easier and shorter labour after having reflexology. Many points can be used during labour to help with pain relief.


Pregnancy acupuncture has been used in many eastern cultures for centuries to assist women trough their pregnancies. It has helped to alleviate problems such as morning sickness, pubic pain, back ache, fatigue, turning breech babies and to help with pain relief during the birth. Please see the obstetrics fact sheet on the British Acupuncture website.